Maxwell’s 5 Levels of Leadership

The Best 30 Minutes You'll Spend This Week

Leadership is a subject about which you can never know enough.

One of the best concepts about leadership comes from none other than leadership expert John Maxwell, who presents a view of leadership that one might liken to an elevator with multiple levels.

elevator with 5 levels

I recently came across a great video of Maxwell speaking about his concept of The 5 Levels of Leadership at the 2013 Chick-Fil-A Leadercast, an annual leadership conference hosted by the company. This is really good.

Before showing you the video, let’s take a moment to review the 5 Levels of Leadership to learn what Maxwell is talking about. 

A Great Business Book in Disguise

Friday Book Review of Shoe Dog by Phil Knight

Image of the book Shoe DogShoe Dog is an unusual book. It’s not quite a biography, covering a limited portion of Phil Knight’s life founding and running Nike. Nor is it a traditional business book, because it doesn’t foist bulleted lessons onto you. The best category for Knight’s book doesn’t exist: “Learn From My Experience.”

And what experience he has to share.

As the founder and longtime CEO of Nike, Knight presided over the explosive growth of a shoe and, later, full-featured athletics apparel company. Nike’s sales are now about $31 billion, but it all began in his childhood home in Oregon.