One Step at a Time

What This Blog is About

My apartment during my college years at Texas A&M looked like something from the show “Hoarders.” I had to step over piles of stuff just to get to my couch. When friends wanted to hang out, we went to their place. I was way too embarrassed to have anyone over.

My car may have been worse. Things would get lost in there and I’d find them months later. Oh, there’s that old bill, way under the pile of unread newspapers. Seriously.

In college I owned a retail business and most of the time, its files were a mess. I did numerous “spring cleanings” over the years before eventually selling it, but always drifted back to disorderliness. It wasn’t a mere habit. It was a sickness.

Then, several major life events forced me to reexamine my life. Changes needed to be made.

You’ve Gotta Take the First Step

As this example makes clear, it occurred to me that one (among many) of the tipping points – to reference Malcolm Gladwell’s book – was my total lack of organization. Changing wasn’t just about having a system, keeping a calendar, or honoring routines. It was about moving in the right direction, step by step.

Those first steps led to progress in areas that hitherto seemed insurmountable. Even organization.

That’s the point of this blog, really. To try and answer the question of how anyone can start to make meaningful change, both in their own lives and in the world around them. I’m my own guinea pig.

Some bloggers write from the top of the mountain. I admire and read many of these individuals, but honestly, that’s not me. I’m in the thick of it, figuring it all out. Maybe you are, too. As experience is the best teacher, I hope to share with you my personal journey of what John Maxwell calls “intentional living.”

I hope it helps others somehow, or if it doesn’t, at least entertains. My experience may not be yours. Caveat emptor.

4 Things You’ll See on the Blog

  • A regular posting schedule. Expect a post every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday except for special circumstances (such as this first week of beta testing).
  • At least two book reviews a month. At least every other Friday, I’ll review a book I’ve recently read and share some of its insights.
  • Video content. Some things are hard to write about, so I’ll be posting video content soon on several topics related to areas I intend to explore in my posts.
  • Helpful resources. I learn from many great bloggers and other online resources, and will recommend to my readers the best I know of.

If you want to know more about me, check out the About page. You might also take a moment to connect with me on Facebook. This whole blog is a work in progress – thank you for your patience.

I look forward to learning with and from you.